Jobs in other workplaces at the airport

On this page we have made an overview of open positions with other companies operating in Copenhagen Airport. First you will find a list of open positions in the airport’s shopping center and below you will find inspiration for sending unsolicited applications.

The airport as workplace

The value we create together

Do you want to be a part of creating a great customer experience in the airport?

Working in the airport is not just a job. It is also the vibe of life and atmosphere. It is a pulse you feel from the whole of Denmark’s airport, and a pulse that beats stronger now for every day passing. An airport where happy travelers pass through in increasing numbers.

’One of a kind.’ 

As a workplace, the airport is with guarantee ‘one of a kind’. It is a small society where you and your airport colleagues, are a part of big machinery buzzing with an international atmosphere and the intense feeling of joy when travelling.

Here you can apply for jobs in more than 80 stores, specialty stores and restaurants in the airport. The type of jobs varies from a store employee, kitchen personnel, checkout personnel, waiter, barista, sommelier and much more. There are many options to choose from whether you know how to sell clothes, exclusive chocolate, perfumes, and make-up, or you excel in a kitchen that each day serves both Danish and international travelers. 

Together with your 16.000 airport colleagues, no matter the function or profession, you will be an indispensable part of our diverse community.

We tie Denmark together and is the door to the rest of the world.  

To do that, we need the best workforce. Join us in creating a great experience for everybody in the airport and become a part of our community. 


Unsolicited applications

In the list above you can find posted job ads. But it is also possible to send unsolicited applications to the different retail stores and restaurants. Here’s a list of some of the big employers in the airport, where you can send an application to.


Heinemann manages all TAX FREE stores in CPH. In these stores you can for example find employment as sales personnel for wine, spirits, tobacco and confectionery, beauty consultant or sales assistants at check out. Find more information and apply here.


SSP manages a wide range of restaurants in the airport, among others Gorm’s, Aamanns, O’Learys, Bistro Sommelier and Steff’s Place. They also manage the WHSmith kiosks and multiple lounges. You can read more about SSP and their brands here, and you are always welcome to send an unsolicited application to

HMS Host

HMS Host manages a wide range of restaurants in the airport, among others Burger King and Murphy’s Pub. Contact HMS Host regarding job applications here.


Jobs in handling companies

Handling companies take care of most tasks in the airport related to passengers, baggage and cargo. Find a list of their contact information here.